Use and Content Policies

Rules for using Prebo

Transparency in Users

Prebo groups and profiles must belong to and describe real people, that is, real people in real life. That is why the profiles of Prebo Users must be honest and authentic. In this sense, the User who decides to create a profile on the Application or use the Prebo Services, undertakes to create and maintain an honest, authentic and transparent profile. Likewise, it must abide by the policies set out here.

Honesty: intentions, affiliations and transparency

The User accepts and agrees to display a profile and content that is honest about their identity and their intentions and affiliations. The descriptions, images, videos and any other information, regarding the Users or groups of Prebo and in turn also, the activities and / or events, must be clear, precise and detailed, in order to correctly inform the Users about the other Users or groups of Prebo, or, of the activity or event, and thus, in the latter case, the Users can decide if they wish to participate or not.

False, malicious accounts and identity theft

It is strictly forbidden to create malicious accounts, that is, for purposes prohibited by the Prebo Terms and Conditions, contrary to the law, morals, good customs and public order. Likewise, it is prohibited to create false profiles, steal or usurp the identity of a person, or impersonate, or attempt to impersonate a person.

Duty of good faith in the mind of the User

For the purposes of creating safe and trustworthy communities, Prebo requires The User to create, transmit, submit and / or publish Content that complies with the policies and the Terms and Conditions of Prebo, and that is not contrary to the law, morality, good manners and public order. In the same sense, Prebo requires the User and therefore, the same undertakes to create and / or specify activitys or events, respecting the personal choices, limits and rights of each and every one of the Users. Additionally, the User agrees to be respectful and adhere strictly to the Terms and Conditions and policies of Prebo, when using the Application and especially, when interacting either by chat, video streaming or in person, with other Users and when creating , transmiting, sending and / or publishing Content on the Application. Prebo expressly prohibits behavior, dishonest, contrary to its Terms and Conditions, the law, morality, good customs and public order, that endanger the integrity of the platform, that exceed personal limits or that seek to disturb other people. Once Prebo becomes aware of such infringing behavior, it will proceed to adopt the pertinent measures, in order to make the User cease to be in violation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User understands and accepts that Prebo is not responsible for the conduct or use that other Users make of the Application. Thus, the User agrees to hold Prebo and its subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assignees, and its officers, directors, shareholders, employees and agents harmless from and against any claim, procedures, losses, fines, lawsuits, damages or actions, as well as all expenses inherent to any investigation, trial, evaluation, notification, administrative procedure, negotiation or defense thereof, based on, arising out of or in connection with any violation, by The User, of the Terms and Conditions of Prebo, the laws, decrees, ordinances, regulations or other regulations, to good faith, morals, good customs or public order.

The User agrees to submit to and respect Prebo’s policies when sending messages, giving likes, carrying out activitys or events, or through any form of interaction through, or that finds its origin in the Application. For this, the User agrees not to incur in spam.

With the term “spam” we refer to the sending of any content that is irrelevant, impersonal, unsolicited, promotional or repetitive.

Likewise, the User undertakes to comply, with the reasonable expectations created or that he has led other Users to believe and with all his statements and other statements made by him. In this sense, the User undertakes not to deceive, make believe or mislead other Users.

The User will in no case act, unless expressly stated otherwise by Prebo, as an intermediary, mediator or representative of Prebo. Therefore, any manifestation that the User makes on behalf of Prebo, is deemed not made, being completely null and void. In this way, the User undertakes to defend, indemnify and hold Prebo harmless from any manifestation or conduct that he himself may carry out in name of or on behalf of Prebo.

It is strictly forbidden to modify, edit or change the activities or events created through Prebo, in such a way that they no longer correspond to the reasonable expectations created for The User and the objectives established by The User or creator group -that is, the activity maker- of the activity or event. Likewise, it is forbidden to suspend, postpone or cancel, activities or events created through Prebo, except in cases of fortuitous or force majeure or that the User has contemplated and expressly stated to the participating Users, said possibility and made explicit in which cases it would be valid.

It is considered a fortuitous event or force majeure, the fact that it could not be foreseen or that, having been foreseen, it could not be avoided. The fortuitous event or force majeure exempts from liability, unless otherwise provided by the User activity maker.

The Prebo User or group that has formulated an activity or event, through the Prebo Application, must, adjust and correspond to the same, to the objectives and descriptions expressed by him and to the reasonable expectations that it has created or led to believe / understand the other Users and groups of Prebo.


It is forbidden to modify the activities or events created through the Prebo Application, except for the cases contemplated in the previous section. The User who created the activity or event -activity maker- undertakes to provide Users with a truthful, clear, precise and detailed description about the activity or event, created by him and comply, when finalizing the activity, with the description and reasonable expectations that he himself had given or created to the Users. The Activity Maker User accepts and agrees to carry out a activity or event that corresponds to its original description. In the event that this user, has the intention of canceling or modifying the location or objective of the activity or event, he / she must delete the activity or event, with prior reliable notification to the Users who have confirmed their participation in their activity or event and reimbursing, if applicable, the money spent by the Users, in order to participate in the activity. Once these requirements have been met, the Activity Maker User who wishes to cancel or modify the activity or event created by him, may create one from scratch, with the new modalities of the activity that he or she wishes.


For the purposes of delving into this section, we highlight that we classify with the name “Fraud User”, the one who defrauds another with an assumed name, simulated quality, false titles, lied influence, abuse of trust or pretending property, credit, commission, company or negotiation or using any other trick or deception.

In the case of fraud, by a User to other Users and / or to Prebo, whatever the scam in question – we mention only by way of example, the case of The User activity maker, who carries out a different activity or event of the one who promised to carry out or that he does not respect the original conditions of the activity, that he never realizes the activity, or uses any other deception or ruse-
The User who has suffered the scam will have the possibility of informing Prebo of it, through the different channels that Prebo provides. These are, the quality survey that Prebo will make available to The User once the activity or event is finished; entering the list of “Past Activities” -located the same, in the chats section of the Prebo Application- and reporting the scam; or by writing an email to the account support@goprebo.com explaining what happened. Once Prebo corroborates the veracity of the scam denounced by the User, it will proceed, if applicable, to refund the money disbursed by the User, through Mercado Pago, Stripe, or the payment platform used by the User through which he had paid the money.

The scammer User will be subject to the corresponding sanctions, at the sole discretion of Prebo. However, it may be denounced in court, by Prebo and / or the Users.

Likewise, the User who has suffered the scam, understands and accepts that the Content and material created, generated, transmitted, shared, published or made available in any way, by the scamming User or to which the latter has been obliged is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User who caused the scam, as this is the sole owner of its Content and material. Therefore, the User who suffered the scam, agrees to hold Prebo harmless from and against any claim, procedure, trial, damages or actions, arising out of or in connection with any violation of the Prebo Terms and Conditions (included within them, these Use and Content Privacy Policies), the laws, ordinances, decrees, regulations and other legal regulations, in which the User who has committed the scam would have incurred.


It is not allowed to modify the Content or the configuration of a Prebo group, in such a way that it does not fit the initial purpose of the group. Any improper use of the functionalities and of the Prebo Application itself, in order to negatively affect the Application, Users, activities or events, or to destroy Content with the purpose of sabotaging groups or Users of Prebo, constitutes an infringement of Prebo’s policies, resulting in the modification, suspension or cancellation / elimination of the account of such User, at the sole discretion of Prebo.

The User agrees to respect the demands and decisions of Prebo, in relation to the blocking and expulsion of a group or an activity or event.

The User expelled / eliminated from a group or from an activity or event, must accept and respect the expulsion. Likewise, the group blocked by a User or another group undertakes to avoid all kinds of contact with the group that has blocked it. Creating new accounts to circumvent ban or ban decisions is prohibited.

Sexual content and nudity

Pornography is not allowed in Prebo, in fact, it is expressly prohibited by these Policies. Photos shared publicly – that is, to more than one person – must be appropriate for the general public and respect the requirements set out in the Prebo Terms and Conditions. Photos or videos shared publicly on the Prebo App, that contain sexual content or show naked people, are strictly prohibited. The User in violation of the provisions stipulated in this section will be subject to the sanctions provided in the Prebo Terms and Conditions, these are, the modification, suspension or cancellation/elimination of the account of the offending User. Likewise, the offending User will be liable to be reported to justice, by Prebo or any User.

Sexuality and nudity as identity or lifestyle

If nudity or sexuality are part of the identity or lifestyle of a group or Prebo User, they may continue to use the Application, as long as their Content, whether photos and / or videos, comply with these policies and the Prebo Terms and Conditions. In other words, these groups or Users must respect and comply at all times with Prebo’s policies, the law, good faith, morals and good customs.

Sex and prostitution

It is strictly forbidden that the groups and individuals of Prebo, make use of the Application, for the purposes of promoting or engaging in prostitution. The User or group that violates this provision, will be subject to, be denounced by Prebo or any User before the courts and the sanctions of, suspension or cancellation / elimination.

Offensive, obnoxious and violent content

Prebo prohibits the sharing or posting by any means of the Application, images of repulsive, obscene or violent Content. Prebo prohibits the publication of Inappropriate Content, which is intended to annoy, disrupt or scandalize a group or User of Prebo or any other individual. In relation to what is considered Inappropriate Content, we refer to the Prebo Terms and Conditions.

Child exploitation

Prebo has a zero-tolerance policy towards pornography, child exploitation and any other material that Prebo considers that exploits, sexualizes, constitutes or intends to constitute, minors as fetishes. The User has the possibility to notify Prebo of said Content, by sending an email to the account support@goprebo.com, so that Prebo, once it is made aware, can proceed to the immediate elimination of the group or User that has uploaded or promoted in any way, such Content.

Permission request: consent

The User is strictly prohibited from contacting other Users, through methods or forms not authorized by Prebo. In case of doubt about the authorized forms and methods of the Application, the User may contact Prebo at the account support@goprebo.com, in order to consult and in which case, request permission, in order to contact the other Users.

The User agrees to respect the privacy of people and not publish private information of other people, without their due, express and prior consent.

The person who becomes aware that private information about it is being published or in any way disclosed through Prebo, may report it to Prebo and / or write an email to the account of support@goprebo.com, telling what happened and its intention.

Users and groups must always respect people’s privacy and be discreet, taking all precautions, when sharing private content about themselves or about other people. Private information, phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses, financial information, passwords and identity documents will be considered.

Inappropriate and abusive behaviors

Teasing, harassment, exploitation and hateful acts negatively affect both the Application and the creation of safe communities with an environment of trust and tolerance. Prebo repudiates threatening, malicious or harmful behavior – both physically, emotionally and / or psychologically – towards other people, therefore, they are subject to sanctions.

In this sense, the User agrees not to harass, annoy or embarrass anyone, while using the Application or participating in the activities that had originated through the Application.

Harassment and teasing are prohibited by Prebo. Prebo, once aware of the offending behavior, will proceed to the immediate suspension or removal of any Content that publicly embarrasses or demeans an individual.

Affected groups or Users must contact the person who published the Content, to request its removal.

Posting cruel or malicious Content for the purpose of hurting or embarrassing another is considered mockery.

Once it becomes aware of the infringement, Prebo will accept the requests made by the Users in order to remove photos or videos that show naked people, in a humiliating or obscene way. The Content that was linked to any public figure, organization or anyone who has appeared in the news is not subject to these Policies.

Prohibition to manipulate or exploit

Prebo totally prohibits manipulation or exploitation.

Manipulation is considered to be any attempt to subtly control a person or group of people, preventing their opinions and actions from developing naturally and freely.

We consider exploitation as the abuse, or attempted abuse, of someone for profit.

Hate speech, racist propaganda and discrimination

Speeches or behaviors that incite hatred, discrimination, racist propaganda and violence against individuals or groups of people, due to their personality, physical and biological aspects, skin color, height, weight, beliefs, religion, gender, sex, culture or social class and other discriminatory or racist aspects are prohibited.

Prudence in the use of the Application

Prebo Users are solely responsible for their personal safety and integrity. They must take the necessary precautions at all times, in order not to put themselves or others in danger. Prebo requires Users to respect local laws when interacting with other Users, generating, transmitting, sharing, sending and publishing Content, and creating and carrying out activities or events. If necessary, Activity Maker Users may establish additional rules or requirements, at the time of creating the activity or event and carrying it out, in order to guarantee the safety of the Users participating in their activity or event, always respecting and Addressing with strict adherence to legal regulations, to the Terms and Conditions and Policies of Prebo.

Threats, violence and endangering people

It is strictly prohibited to use the Prebo Application and Services in order to promote, facilitate or organize actions of a violent, criminal or non-consensual nature, to cause harm to another person physically, mentally or emotionally.

Prebo, once it becomes aware of the threat of violent or aggressive content, which has been carried out in a serious and credible way, will proceed to its automatic elimination and the User who had carried it out, will be subject to sanctions, according to the free discretion of Prebo.

Self harm

Any Content that encourages or extols self-harm and that encourages or instigates others to hurt themselves is prohibited.

Intellectual property and copyright

Prebo respects the intellectual property rights owned by their respective authors or their heirs or successors. It is strictly forbidden to publish Content that infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties. In doing so, the User agrees to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Users have the possibility of informing Prebo, at the account of support@goprebo.com and also, in turn, reporting infringements of intellectual property, copyrights or trademarks and registered patents.

Prebo, once it becomes aware of the infractions set forth in the previous paragraph, will proceed to eliminate / cancel or deactivate access to material that infringes the intellectual property rights of others and will eliminate the accounts of repeat offenders, in order to protect the holder of such rights.

Sanction to these Use and Content Policies

The User and / or infringing group of the Prebo Terms and Conditions, included within these, these Use and Content Policies, will be subject to the sanctions of, modification, suspension or cancellation / elimination of their Prebo account, respectively depending on the seriousness of the offense. Said sanctions will be applied by Prebo at its free and exclusive discretion.

Without prejudice and regardless of the foregoing, Prebo and the Users may denounce the User or group violating the provisions set forth in these Policies, before the courts.

Likewise, any User may report the offending User or group to Prebo, by sending an email to the account support@goprebo.com, explaining in great detail the violation or violation in which the User or group denounced has incurred.

The User who has been harmed or in any way damaged, having such damage originating from the violation, by another User, of the provisions established in the Prebo Terms and Conditions and the Policies set forth herein, accepts that the offending User is the Solely responsible for their actions and for the Content or material that it creates, transmits, shares, publishes or makes in any way available to others through the Prebo Application and therefore, the injured or damaged User agrees to maintain Prebo, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assignees, and its officers, directors, shareholders, employees and agents, harmless from and against any claims, procedures, losses, fines, lawsuits, damages or actions, as well as all inherent expenses to any investigation, trial, evaluation, notification, administrative procedure, negotiation or defense thereof, based on, arising out of or in connection with any violation, by the offending User who has harmed or damaged him, of the Prebo Terms and Conditions -included within them these Use and Content Policies-, the laws, regulations, ordinances, decrees and other legal regulations.

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