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Select your favourite interests and activities. This is for us to show you the nearest plans that go with your interests to create the perfect tailored experience.

Create or join a plan

Decide if you would like to create your own event or join one that’s already been made. Once you join, you will receive all the information needed to attend, and if you created one, start inviting friends!

Check out who’s nearby

Start browsing through the app to check out who’s on it and what plans they offer. You can search by profiles or plans and even filter your interests to find a plan that matches them.

Chat with new friends

Once you have a plan, a group chat opens, where all participants can send messages. This way you can all get to know each other before the event.


Improving Social Wellness by creating the biggest community of plan makers and plan seekers, matching them by common interests and specific plans.


Meet new people with similar interests by creating or joining plans near you in a simple, effortless way.


Available for Android and iPhone

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