Create a group

1. Group name
It is the group’s identifier. It is public, so all groups can see it
2. Group photo
It’s how the group presents itself to the community and it must be a
group photo.
3. Members
This is where the members of the groups are tagged by their names.
You can tag both members and non-members of Prebo, so there is no
need for a user to be a Prebo member to be tagged in a group

Discover new groups

The new design aims to facilitate the user experience with a more intuitive graphic interface that offers three basic interaction options, which leaves the user with only one thing to worry about: having fun. The users can filter by interests, in order to find other groups that wish to do the same activities as them.

Find others nearby

The map allows you to geolocalize the nearest groups. Through the map, you can access the profiles of each group and like them.

Group chat with matches

Once there is a match between two groups, a group chat opens, where all members of the group can send messages individually.
Groups are aligned in opposite margins to make it easier to identify which group the user belongs to.



Create a platform where groups of friends can MAKE NEW FRIENDS


Available for Android and iPhone

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