Program your LIVE Activity

Plan your LIVE activity by completing all the information required.

It’s very simple and it will not take you more than 2 minutes. Promised! ✌🏻

Share your Direct Link

Other users can find you in the app, but you can also post your direct link in your established channels of communication (Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc) for them to more easily find you and your activity! πŸ’ͺ🏻


Users need to download the app to access your activity. They will not be required to sign in! Everything is made easier for you to monetize faster πŸ€‘

Details of your activity will show up immediately

Users will be able to review your activity: pictures, description, video trailer, price, date and duration, and everything you’ve included when programming it.


Payment time! It’s time for the users to decide whether they want to pay and reserve their spot, or ask questions first and pay later. Be sure to have your notifications turned on, so you can see incoming chats!

It’s time for your LIVE!!!!

When the date and time arrive for your LIVE Streaming, be sure to be ready and have your energies fully charged (as well as your cellphone πŸ˜…)

Payout Day πŸ’°

After 7 days of concluding your Live Streaming, you’ll be able to cash out all your proceeds. This time window is given for users to request a refund, in the unlikely case they had an issue with the LIVE or you just didn’t show up.

Prebo Service Fee

We try keeping our service fee as low as possible, in order to take as little as we need in order to keep operations running.

There are no fixed charges nor subscriptions! You don’t pay anything until you earn, in that way, WE ALL WIN!

To make it easier for everyone, we divide the fee into Host (the content Creator) and Participant (the Content Viewer), where the first one pays a 2.5% fee over each successful transaction, and the second one a 15.0% per successful transaction, on top of the Third Party Services.

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Improving LIVE Streaming content by directly rewarding their creators, and at the same time offering better content for consumers


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